Hunting Seasons at Leithen Valley

As a southern hemisphere country, New Zealand’s seasons are the inverse of North America and Europe:

Summer: December – February
Autumn: March – May
Winter: June – August
Spring: September – November

We can experience Four seasons in one day so you’ll need to have good rain gear as well as boots with good ankle support and grip, Light clothing that you can layer on top of.
We recommend woolen clothing, gloves & a hat.
Drink bottle to stay hydrated, and a good sized day pack.

In New Zealand you can hunt year round however the best time to hunt most species is from February until August.

The red stag are in the rut between March and April.
The Fallow deer are in the Rut April.
The Tahr are best hunted end of April. This is when their capes are starting to full out.
Chamois are best hunted around this time as they are starting to grow their winter capes.

Check out our grid:
Hunting Seasons in Leithen Valley