Leithen Valley Hunting Contract Form

the "Client"

 Red Stag Size

 Red Stag Size

 Red Stag Size

 Wapiti (Silver)

 Wapiti (Gold)

 Wapiti (Gold+)

 Fallow Buck (Silver)

 Fallow Buck (Gold)



 Wild Goat

 Arapawa Ram


Daily Rate

 Non-Hunter (per night)

 Hunter (per night)


 Own Calibre

 Leithen Valley Weapon


Hunt Dates:

Arrive at Lodge:

Cost of Hunt:


Balance Due at Camp:

In case of emergency, are there any additional telephone numbers or contacts?


I, the undersigned, recognize that many of the properties we are hunting are working farms and I will use common sense to avoid mishaps. I understand that hunting is inherently dangerous by nature with hazards including but not limited to terrain, woods, fences, other hunters, I hold the owner and it’s employees, agents and assigns free of any liability whatsoever which may occur as a result of my voluntary choice to participate in the sport of hunting.

The Terms and Conditions (printed on the reverse side of this Hunting Contract) are incorporated herein and are part of this Hunting Contract. I have read, understood, and agreed to this Hunting Contract, including the Terms and Conditions.


Client Signature:



I accept the Terms and Conditions