The Red Stag hunt takes place on our private ranch in the south of the South Island where you are likely to see numerous free-roaming quality trophies each day. The terrain is moderate hill country, the valleys are full with beech forest. Access to this the area is by four-wheel-drive vehicles, horses or simply walking. This part of the hunt lasts three to four days on average. Often a hunter can’t resist adding a Fallow Buck or Wapiti Bull to the package.


For the Chamois hunt, we take a two hour drive from Leithen Valley to our Maungawera Lodge in Wanaka, a small, growing tourist town situated on the shores of Lake Wanaka, where our guests enjoy a relaxed atmosphere set in the foot hills of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. The lodge has all the amenities of a first class hunting lodge with sightseeing, shopping, ski fields, vineyards and fishing right at our doorsteps as well as private property to hunt Chamois, a benefit exclusive to Leithen Valley Hunts. Chamois are probably the most difficult to hunt because of their sharp senses. Often our hunters prefer to access this area by helicopter, which is an experience not to be forgotten.


Tahr are plentiful and are hunted on private property (probably the best in the world). This is a challenging stalk hunt in mountainous terrain, but very rewarding when successful and you are back in the comforts of our well outfitted camp. Access to this area is by our four-wheel-drive vehicles and sometimes helicopter if needed.