Alan Stewart

Alan was born and raised here in Leithen Valley.

Leithen Valley had been in his family for two generations since his grandfather had returned from the great war to a small parcel of land that was the original homestead on Leithen Valley farm.

Alan grew up on the farm and he learnt quickly that the only way to get ahead is give it your all everyday (hard yakka is what we call it in New Zealand). Alan worked with his team of dogs and horse all over the Southern Alps on farms and stations gathering up the sheep and cows for farmers (this is called mustering).

All the money he earned went back into the farm. Alan and his wife Sue have always been visionaries and their vision was to run more animals and grow Leithen Valley after years of “hard yakka”. Alan and Sue have turned a small farm into an impressive hunting operation. He has passed the hunting side on to daughter Rachel so he can slow down form the hunting and return to his dogs, horses and the farming he loves.

Alan has hunted the South Island extensively and has traveled to all corners of the earth to acquire trophies that others can only ever dream of. Alan still remains the only New Zealander to have his North American Grand Slam. Alan and Sue Stewart are the reason Leithen Valley is what it is today, a breathtaking hunting destination in the south Pacific with great service and outstanding trophy quality. It is up to the rest of us to continue this tradition and to keep Leithen Valley the unique and lovely place it is.

We are all hoping that this amazing paradise we call Leithen Valley and that our clients from all over the world get to come and visit is still here another 100 plus years from now with our family running and loving it. We work very to hard to ensure that all our hunters come as clients but leave as friends!
Dream Big, Work Hard and anything is possible.