Logan Morton

Born just a stones throw away from Leithen Valley, Logan grew up in the very hills and valleys that you hunt in. His father took him hunting while he was still in diapers and from there his passion for hunting and fishing never ceased.

His teenage years were spent hunting and fishing all over the district and his passion for the outdoors ended up with him coming to Leithen Valley for work experience to see if he was interested in turning his love for hunting into a profession. Under the tutorage of Alan Stewart and the rest of the guides it sparked his interest to go and further his skills at an outfitters school in Arizona.

Logan learnt amazing skills to go with hunting before he even got to his outfitters school. He could already head skin, turn lips, eyes and ears on capes, which is truly an amazing talent not enough guides know how to do these days. Along with spotting game and judging the animals in the field, this was another great skill that came naturally.

Logan has been with Leithen Valley for 9 years now, he has worked at our operation in Australia, Leithen Valle Hunts Australia where we hunt water buffalo, scrub bulls and wild boar and he also travels to the US to do trade shows and marketing for us.

Logan has visited Mexico as well and guided over there for a couple of seasons during which he guided clients on some very impressive animals. Logan is well traveled, knowledgeable, hard working and sincere. He is an asset to Leithen Valley and to you too if your lucky enough to have him as your guide.