Trophy Animals

Red Stag
The RED DEER (Cervuselaphus) is one of the largest deer species and inhabits most of Europe. In New Zealand, the Red Deer were introduced to New Zealand in 1851 and liberations continued for the next 50 years; many of the 220 introductions used deer originating from Scotland. New Zealand Red Deer produce very large antlers and are regarded as amongst the best in the world by hunters
In the helicopter capture years (1960-1970s) the feral population was being hunted hard, the Stewarts could see the potential for conserving the deer for future generations to harvest and so they stopped the helicopters hunting on Leithen Valley and as a result it became a reserve for the deer. It wasn’t long before a herd of 40 hinds (female deer) were congregating at the top of the hill.
To preserve them and capture more deer 1000 acres was ring fenced.
The early 1980s bought tough times for farming in New Zealand so Sue and Alan started to let other hunting guides come to Leithen Valley to hunt.
The first lodge that housed one hunter and one guide was built up in the beech forest gully in 1984. The lodge now sits on site and is used as a Guides hut.
After some payment issues the Stewarts began looking for a better to do things. They began marketing the business themselves, attending hunting conventions in the USA.
In 1989 they started with 1 client shooting Stags and some Fallow. When the same hunter returned the next year they knew they were on to something good. With the success of the business a new lodge was built in 2000, this has been added to. Now theirDaugther Rachel and husband Olly continue the tradition of supplying Quality hunts.

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Fallow Deer
The FALLOW DEER (Damadama) is one of the most attractive of the deer family and were among the first species successfully introduced to New Zealand in 1864. However the herd at Leithen Valley hails from the 1867 release in the Blue Mountains that dominate the skyline 20miles to the east from our hunting area. Although several liberations were made, Fallow Deer remain restricted to areas where they were released. Leithen Valley supports a prolific private herd of trophy class Fallow Deer.
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The HIMALAYAN TAHR (Hemitragusjemlahicus) is a relative to the wild goat and native to the Himalayas. Tahr were introduced to New Zealand in 1904 for sport and have since expanded rapidly in the higher elevations of the Southern Alps. Our private free rangearea boasts great mature trophies and very comfortable back country accommodation
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The CHAMOIS (Rupicaprarupicapra) is an antelope species native to mountains in Europe with exceptional eyesight and the ability to run effortlessly in rough terrain. Introduced to New Zealand in 1907, the Chamois can now be found throughout the South Island.
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The WAPITI (Cervuscanadensis) is one of the world’s largest species of the deer family. In 1905, a successful liberation took place in the southwest corner of the South Island where the North American Wapati adapted readily to their new environment.
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Arapawa ram
The ARAPAWA SHEEP (Ovisaries) is a breed of feral sheep found on Arapawa Island where they have been primarily isolated since they were introduced in 1867. Leithen Valley
hosts a large population of the unique Arapawa Ram a great affordable add on to ant hunt.
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