Bow Hunting

Bow hunting for a trophy of a lifetime, Red stag or Fallow Buck at Leithen Valley Hunts is extremely challenging and rewarding with record book trophies being taken yearly.

At Leithen Valley Hunts we mainly use spot and stalk techniques and sometimes we set up on game trails and wait for the trophy of Red Stag or Fallow Buck to come past, the hunter/client and guide.

Leithen Valley Hunts is an amazing place to be bow hunting during the rut/roar nothing gets the adrenaline going more than having a trophy Red Stag or trophy Fallow buck coming in as you roar or grunt to get that ideal shot.

For the expert bow hunter Leithen Valley Hunts can offer Himalayan Tahr and Chamois alpine hunts. This spot and stalk hunt relies on a lot of skill and luck with you and one of our professional guides working as a team to achieve what must be some of the ultimate trophies in the world.

The guides at Leithen Valley Hunts go out of their way to make your bow hunt one you will never forget. Their skills coupled with yours present you with bow hunting opportunities of 30-50 yards sometimes closer.

We cannot stress enough to the bow and rifle hunter just how important it is to practice your shots at different distances and angles. Remember we do not sit in blinds offen so the deer and other trophy animals will pick up on obvious movement.

Also the more in shape you are the more you are going to enjoy hunting in New Zealand with Leithen Valley Hunts.
Let the Leithen Valley family team make your hunting dream come true.

Check out their shows at Leithen Valley & check out our references page for bow hunting.

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