Our Guides

Rachel Burke

Rachel (Rach) Burke

Rach is the “Spark Plug” of our operation. She oversees our hunting operation, the marketing, two kids and Olly but her heart is in the chase. Rachel is an accomplished international hunter and is passionate about guiding. When you hunt with Rachel it’s more than an adventure it is a true quest. Hold on to your hat!

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Olly Burke

Olly Burke

Olly and Rachel co-host Leithen Valley. His experience in adventure tourism brings added value to his guiding expertise. His sense of humor and all around good nature is exceeded only by his untiring work ethic. Olly will bring a new level of excitement to your trophy acquisition. Take ‘em.

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Guide Jake


Jake has been with us for 6 years. A keen young man who lives to hunt and hunts to live. Jake has spent more time hunting than most people twice his age. Jake will make your hunt of a lifetime come true, hold on lets go get it done.

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Logan Morton

Logan Morton

Logan Morton is a keen hunter himself and has worked and guided in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Mexico. He is an asset to the Leithen Valley team. His knowledge for the area & the trophies is next to none.

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Blair Hampton

Blair Hampton

Blair is bright, courteous and will make you wish for his youthful exuberance. He is our go to guy when the going gets tough. Blair will put you on the trophy of your dreams

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Alan Snow Stewart

Alan “Snow” Stewart

Alan (Snow) Stewart, Rachel’s father, has hunted all over the world. He is one of the first New Zealanders to complete a North American Gland Slam.

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Joakim Yogi Rausch

Joakim “Yogi” Rausch

Yogi is our European Marketing Manager. He also is an experienced guide and divides his seasonal guiding in different countries. Yogi brings an international perspective to your Leithen Valley adventure.

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