Rachel Stewart

Rachel (Rach) Stewart

Rach is the “Spark Plug” of our operation. She oversees our hunting operation, the marketing, and two kids but her heart is in the chase. Rachel is an accomplished international hunter and is passionate about guiding. When you hunt with Rachel it’s more than an adventure it is a true quest. Hold on to your hat.

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Guide Stefan

Stefan Hope

Stefan’s passion for hunting started at a young age, trapping possums, chasing wild boar and stalking red stags. Stefan grew up in the North Island on the Kapiti Coast. Stefan’s passion for hunting started to go international when he completed the Ulitmate O.E which is a guides training course that gets young guys and ladies into work in the hunting industry in the US and Canada.

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Guide Kate

Kate Bryant

Kate is an avid hunter and outdoorswoman, who grew up on a North Island on a sheep, beef, and deer farm.

Kate being very fortunate to grow up among a family of keen hunters, and from the time she could walk and talk she was tugging at her Dad’s coat tail to take her with him, whenever she saw him sling a gun over his shoulder.

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Guide Jake

Jake Phillips

Jake has been with us for 8 years. A keen young man who lives to hunt and hunts to live. Jake has spent more time hunting than most people twice his age. Jake will make your hunt of a lifetime come true, hold on lets go get it done.

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