Yogi has been with Leithen Valley for 13 years. He guides in New Zealand and helps us with marketing and trade shows in the US as well as Europe. Born and raised in Germany, Yogi grew up hunting for moose, roe deer, wild pigs and small game with his relatives in central Sweden.

Yogi is a true professional of the highest caliber and has spent many years guiding in numerous destinations around the world including New Zealand, Australia, British Columbia and Sweden.

After years of working as a guide with Leithen Valley and completing his business management degree back home in Sweden, he decided to start his own hunting consultancy firm named JR Hunting, which organizes high quality big game trophy hunts for clients in various hunting destinations around the globe.

Apart from organizing these hunting trips and accompanying clients, Yogi also guides some of his hunters whether they are pursuing bull moose or mountain goats in North America, big water buffalo in Australia or giant red stags here at Leithen Valley in New Zealand. Due to his many years in the hunting and guiding industry, Yogi has acquired a vast knowledge of many different hunting cultures, traditions and techniques and is a mind of knowledge for the avid sportsman. When not guiding or traveling with his clients, Yogi loves to go hunting and fishing with friends.

We are lucky enough to have Yogi come back from time to time to lend us a hand here at Leithen Valley.