Kate is an avid hunter and outdoorswoman, who grew up on a North Island on a sheep, beef, and deer farm.

Kate being very fortunate to grow up among a family of keen hunters, and from the time she could walk and talk she was tugging at her Dad’s coat tail to take her with him, whenever she saw him sling a gun over his shoulder.

After chasing him around on smaller local hunts, he finally took her on a week-long fly-in trip to the Kaimanawas in pursuit of Sika when she was six, which became an annual trip ever since.

From then Kate spent every spare minute and day hunting every species of big game, New Zealand has to offer, and eventually turned that passion into a profession, guiding hunts both here in New Zealand and in British Columbia.

Although Kate really enjoys getting out in the hills on her own adventures, she now gets a lot more satisfaction out of helping others on their hunting journey. To Kate, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the elation and sense of pride of someone else achieving their goals and knowing that she has helped play a part in that.

Kate Bryant