Rach is the “Spark Plug” of our operation. She oversees all our hunts, the marketing, as well as looking after her two lively boys, but her heart is in the chase. Rachel is an accomplished international hunter and is passionate about guiding. When you hunt with Rachel it’s more than an adventure – it is a true quest. Hold on to your hat.

Rachel is the daughter of hunters Alan and Sue, and hunting is built into her DNA. Growing up in Leithen Valley, Rach hunted with dad Alan from aged seven and knew she wanted to follow in his footsteps and become an outfitter in the hunting industry.

Rach‘s father and mother taught her all the essential skills of the guiding trade, such as glassing, skinning, cooking and running a hunting camp. Rach is not only an incredible guide, she now passes this knowledge on to her hunting guides and camp staff.

Rach hunted and guided in Alaska, Canada, North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. With more than 25 years’ of experience, Rach’s in-depth knowledge of all facets of professional hunting has helped her to become one of the top outfitters in the industry. Most of her time now is dedicated to running the business, booking hunters, marketing and overseeing the daily operations at Leithen Valley Hunts, as well as looking after her two boys. If there is time, it is spent in the field guiding clients or hunting in order to expand her own trophy collection.

To have someone like Rachel, who is so driven and with an amazing work ethic, leading our camp in New Zealand is a huge asset that promises to enhance your stay at Leithen Valley

Rachel Stewart