Stefan Hope

Stefan’s passion for hunting started at a young age, trapping possum, chasing wild boar and stalking red stags.

Stefan grew up in the North Island on the Kapiti Coast. Stefan’s passion for hunting started to go international when he completed the Ulitmate O.E which is a guides training course that gets young guys and ladies into work in the hunting industry in the US and Canada.

He soon found himself chasing stone sheep, moose and many more species in the Yukon. Stefan has also been in the highlands of Scotland guiding on Red Stags and culling hinds, for some years now, This also lead to Stefan helping run the Ulitmate O.E guides training. He is a hard working kiwi guy with an awesome attitude towards life. You’ll have a fun and successful hunt when your with Stefan.

Stephan Hope Guide-1

Stephan Hope Guide-2